Hi! If you don't already know, my name is Michael, and this is my web page! This is my first time building my OWN site. This page will mainly be about the Cherokee, but it will also have information about other Native American nations. So, anyway, you are welcome to check out what I have on here so far. Please, sign my guestbook, or email me! Also, go to my friend, Blue Cloud's page! As the spinning gif says: Its "COOL". Its not complete yet, but she is working on it. Here is something else that I thought was pretty cool: A friend of mine gave this to me, so I decided to put it on my site for everyone to see and enjoy. Its very big and kinda slow to load, but its worth the wait! Click here to see a picture of the Tsalagi (Cherokee) alphabet - it does include Sequoyah's symbols, too. The alphabet will appear in columns; with it's symbol to the left of the phonetic spelling. Its pretty cool! This site will never really be complete because I am always learning and finding new things, and I am more than happy to put them on this site to share with you. So, enjoy! Some parts of this site will require the true-type Cherokee font. Don't worry here is a link to take you there! Best of all: ITS FREE!! Get it while you still can. Please email me or sign the guestbook and tell me what you think!

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Coming soon: !Searchable Cherokee Dictionary!

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A few of my favorite links. Check 'em out!

Information Unlimited
A high-energy science information site. They also sell kits,plans,assembled items, and a lot of other stuff!
Amazon Bookseller
The largest bookstore on the planet - and the net!
Volano Chat
A cool JAVA applet based chat room. They recently switched to a preview of v2.0, so its been having problems - but check it out anyway if you can get in.
WBS Web Community
A big web "community" with chat rooms and links and other stuff. On a scale of 1-10, I give it a 7 1/2
Edmund Scientific
Another very good science site. The are much like "Infomation Unlimited", except they don't deal in high-energy sciences.
Tsalagi (Cherokee) Liturature
Great site for Cherokee history, poems, stories, and more! Links to other Cherokee sites, too!
For you Karters out there. This is one of the best I've seen. Not many pictures.
Bob's Kart Shop + Norway Speedway
Great karting shop and race track. They sell Margay karts and anything else you can think of (related to karting). I am getting my next kart here.
Free web-based email. Very good - I got my account with them!

Probably America's favorite picture!

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